Case study


To create certainty for their employees and customers, brands need to connect to their values and build a vision upon them.

New strategy builds up the kinetic energy for an already leading occupational health business


With 13 operating clinics and a network of over 300 affiliated partner clinics across Australia and New Zealand, KINNECT was already seen as a leading Privately Owned Occupational Health Company in Australia. KINNECT’s highly skilled multidisciplinary team of medical and allied health professionals deliver a suite of occupational health services covering Pre-Employment to Post-Employment and everything in between.

Paradoxically, the increase in reach and size meant loss of momentum, and inconsistent messaging for KINNECT across its business.

The foundations of the brand were strong, but became diluted, therefore an injection of a new vision was required, and Brandonian recognised several key opportunities to build from.


Creator Archetype traits and tone

  • Innovative
  • Visionary
  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Experimental
  • Unique
  • Artistic
  • Outcomes-driven

What we did

The Brandonian brand positioning process determined that at the heart of it all, what KINNECT provides is certainty and confidence in the workplace for every staff member of their clients’ businesses. It is an extension of control and assurance for something that was previously thought of as unpredictable and uncontrollable.

KINNECT approaches each client with as sense of curiosity, and always has the intention of creating something tailored and unique out of their available tools and ‘building blocks’.

As a result of establishing KINNECT’s Why we aligned it with the Creator Archetype, which is all about self-expression, creativity and curiosity.

A positioning statement was born:

We create tailored health solutions for businesses to ensure their people are healthy, safe and productive.

From this new vision, all of the new ‘building blocks’ fell into place. We created a new tone of voice, tagline, visual style, graphical system and other communication tools, to ensure KINNECT’s had regained back it’s momentum.

New tagline


The Brandonian brand strategy sessions also recognised a way to streamline KINNECT’s offering and messaging. We focused their services into two main categories (as opposed to four unclear offerings), and identified their innovative software, the CloudHealth Platform, as the enabling and supporting factor to it all.

The new unified direction has allowed KINNECT to combine and lift it’s offerings into the cloud, and provide a more accessible way for staff and customers to connect with the brand.

Collateral before rebranding

New brand collateral