Who we are

Brandonian is a strategic branding consultation agency. Our team of branding experts wants to help you understand and awaken your brand, be heard in a noisy marketplace, and build a real connection with consumers.

Following an intensive Brand Discovery Workshop, we provide a strategic map to bring your brand to life through the power of brand archetypes. We develop a clear strategy to guide you in all your marketing, sales, and operations for full brand consistency and optimal cut through.

We then work with you to establish a long-term brand strategy, using a proven system that provides immediate and sustained measurable results. 

What we do

Our methodology is based in archetypes, or brand personalities, as theorised by renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung. Archetypal meaning allows us to define the soul of your brand and express it in ways that tap into universal feelings and instincts.

We believe that understanding and appealing to these deep psychic imprints gives brands greater meaning, and allows them to move beyond competing on price or easily copied product features.

Brandonian has worked with many, many businesses using our proven five-step process. Each step of the process is designed to deliver immediate value to our clients – this is our measure of success.

The combination of all five steps provides your company with a complete end-to-end strategic and tactical marketing solution, delivering measurable results and visible returns to your bottom line.


Our inquisitive and forward-thinking team comes from many varied backgrounds – marketing, psychology, public relations, and the creative industries – and is led by two vibrant directors.

Founder and Brand Strategist

Belinda Vesey-Brown is zealous, perceptive, and driven. She’s worked with hundreds of businesses to establish their brand archetype, genuinely connect with their customer, and fulfil their commercial goals.

Belinda believes in questioning everything. She knows that in order to make meaningful changes, a business must know their Why, What, and How.

Since starting her first business in 2002, Belinda has found that facilitating the discovery of clients’ archetypes allowed them to find their voice, develop innovative strategy, and cut through the noise in the market to connect with potential customers.

Belinda understands that archetypes enable businesses to separate themselves from their competitors, and in this way she has helped businesses of all sizes strengthen their brand, marketing, and communications.

An expert on all facets of branding, marketing, graphic design, web design and build, digital marketing solutions, and establishing and growing a dynamic business, Belinda shares her wisdom through speaking at all manner of events.

To contact Belinda regarding speaking engagements please contact hello@brandonian.com

Mark Bowater
Managing Director

Mark Bowater is a lover of business and as a director of five of them, there’s no question he knows what works.

Mark began his career as an engineer in the mining industry nearly three decades ago, and has honed his strong analytical and operational skills. It’s this skill set that he brings to the table. Just like his days as an engineer, Mark works behind the scenes to keep the cogs moving. 

His entrepreneurial spirit is a motivating force for continual development of new ways in which branding strategy can reach as many people as possible. By leveraging the technological world around him, Mark has worked to digitise systems and enable global access to branding services – a recent example includes Brandonian’s intuitive Online Archetype Quiz (which you can reach here).

With a keen eye for detail and opportunity, Mark prides himself on being part of a branding strategy business that helps other entrepreneurs like him to be seen and heard.