Case study

Hang Zen

A brand needing to carve out positioning in the market that shows the value and the expertise that competitors can’t copy.

New Entity prevents hang-ups with parent brand


Picture Hanging Systems is a leading Australian manufacturer, supplier and installer of framed art and mirrors since 2005.  They are well known in the industry and are fixtures – excuse the pun – in the gallery establishment across the nation.

And this is the problem.

So well are Picture Hanging Systems known for their splendid picture hanging system and infrastructure that people didn’t realise that their service extended to actually hanging and displaying artworks as well.  The result? Picture Hanging Systems was missing out on a substantial section of the market.


Lover Archetype traits and tone

  • Passionate
  • Affectionate
  • Warm
  • Connected
  • Intimate
  • Confident
  • Committed
  • Understanding

What we did

Luke Norman, owner, realised that part of the problem was the branding of his business, Picture Hanging Systems. The incumbent brand name was focused on the system itself leaving no hint regarding the expanded range of services that the company offered.

Rather than attempt to rebrand an already successful brand to accommodate the additional service, Luke opted to create a new brand so that it could be branded and market separately. So Hang Zen was born. 

Trying to run a business with multiple brands can be challenging. Luke came to Brandonian to get some insight into how this new brand should be positioned and treated operationally. 

New tagline

Thou art revealed


Brandonian’s strategic branding analysis provided a systemic positioning framework to the brand. The Hang Zen brand was determined to be aligned to the Lover archetype.

“I have always had a systems-approach to my businesses. The Brandonian delivery provided me with a no-nonsense framework that I can use and refer to when I am making decisions about my brand or business.” Luke explained. 

“The Brandonian methodology is a solid process. It makes sense. It provides answers to many questions I haven’t even considered asking.” 

Not only were Luke’s initial questions resolved, but the brand framework became an invaluable reference point for other corporate activities such as induction and on-boarding of staff, and provides guidance for all communications activity.