Case study

GEMn Consulting

How does a brand tackle a new venture, overcoming negative perceptions, as well as maintain existing business without brand damage?

Expert advice for global experts in medical advisory


GEMn Consulting is the newest brand to sit under the MedHealth umbrella and is the answer to the highly premium need in the market. Solely catering to the medical negligence arena, they are officially the first of its kind in Australia, and the only brand worldwide that has access to the largest panel of otherwise unattainable global medical experts.

Experts on this exclusive panel produce reports based on their experience and the facts provided in a medical negligence cases, which is then used to ‘guide the court’. Beyond the immediate results of the intended case, these reports are robust and stand the test of time while setting a precedent within common law – making them an extremely valuable resource for lawyers and their clients. 

Ironically, the biggest challenge for this brand and its experts was overcoming perception that GEMn Consulting and its experts can’t deal objectively for both plaintiff and defendant matters because of their background, as well as maintaining existing business without brand damage.


Sage Archetype traits and tone

  • Insightful
  • All-seeing
  • Independent
  • Influential
  • Unbiased
  • Authoritative
  • Solution-oriented
  • Wise

What we did

The Brandonian brand positioning process determined that in order to overcome the set perceptions of the existing business, we needed to look at branching it out as a new entity. The new brand would be positioned as a global market leader, attracting the best medical experts, and be the first of its kind in Australia to exclusively service the medical negligence arena.

Starting out with the brand positioning of ‘Global Experts in Medical Negligence’ we knew that the new brand had to project qualities of knowledge, wisdom and truth, as well as be meaningful for customers, employees and the industry.

As a result, we created a new name, tagline and an extensive graphical system.

New Name

After our name ideation and validation process, which assisted in filtering out weak names and establishing those that had strong foundations, meaning and longevity, we’ve settled on a shortlist of three. All three were workshopped with the team and the client, and eventually the selected name was presented to all.

Advicor is an amalgamation of several words, and thus inherits the meaning of each of them. Advi- refers to advice, advisory, or advocate. It implies that the brand has the ability to give good advice and will advocate for the truth, and -cor comes from correctness. When it comes down to it, this is what the new brand seeks, and what it offers.

The other key considerations for the new name was availability of the domain names globally.


The new name and visual identity helps strongly position the brand that speaks to the audience, communicating the concepts of united consciousness and collective wisdom. The service descriptor ‘Global Experts in Medical Negligence’ helps to describe and expand on the unique name of the brand.

New logotype

New brand identity