Case study

Stenhouse Lifting

Sometimes an established, well recognised brand can cause problems for its business. If the brand is not properly aligned to the business’s purpose or values it can often cause a ‘disconnect’ with its potential customers. 

Brand Alignment does heavy lifting for Stenhouse


Stenhouse has been a fixture in the Australian industrial lifting and safety industry.  And that was a problem! Although Stenhouse has been operating for 21 years and enjoys long-standing relationships with key clients their new business growth-rate was less than ideal.

Analysis revealed that many of the ‘human’ service and motivational qualities that their long-term clients enjoyed just weren’t being translated in their marketing communications.


Rebel Archetype traits and tone

  • Influential
  • Respected
  • Intuitive
  • Change-driven
  • Determined
  • Resourceful
  • Outspoken
  • Masterful

What we did

The Brandonian archetype-driven branding approach doesn’t focus on a rational ‘features and benefits’ approach (which saturates this industry’s sales and marketing). Brandonian’s deeper psychological neuro-marketing analysis helps to understand the values and motivations of the customer in the category. 

Adam Thompson, Stenhouse CEO applauds the process.

“We now understand not only ‘Who’ we are, but ‘Why’ we are driven to succeed in this industry.”

“Now, when we talk to the market we can confidently establish a much more effective and meaningful connection with our customers. The values and behaviours that have defined this business have now been made explicit.”

Adam Thompson notes that an unexpected benefit of creating this alignment with the brand has made recruitment much easier and effective. 

“We can now clearly articulate our values and personality. We can clearly communicate who we are and job seeker respond to this.”

“Now that we understand our brand archetype our brand more accurately reflects us. We’ve been confident to update and align our messaging on everything from our website to our staff uniforms, our buildings and our signage.”


Most importantly, a refreshed and re-aligned brand delivery has contributed to a substantial lift is sales. Stenhouse is now enjoying unprecedented new business growth and is coming off the back of a record sales year.

Collateral before rebranding

New brand identity